Body Renew Team

Body Renew Fitness franchise/license program is comprised of Fitness Industry experts, led by our President and CEO, Matt Carter.


Matt is the founder and CEO of Body Renew Fitness.  As a 12 year Regional Manager for Gym Franchises and VP of Fitness for one of the nations largest privately held fitness companies. His positions have given him unique insight into what makes fitness centers become successful and differentiate themselves from other options that may be around. With direct experience managing, owning and consulting for over 60 gyms he has discovered what he calls, “the Secret Sauce” for running an extremely fitness business.  He has also learned how to achieve profitability benchmarks, marketing strategizing and establishing product pricing. His job as President of Body Renew Fitness has given him the opportunity to share these experiences with Licensees and members from Alaska to Virginia.

The responsibilities of his position require all of the skills of his previous jobs including staff development, management, marketing and maintain overall organizational direction, while achieving the growth and profit benchmarks as established by the ownership group. He has successfully administered installing programs into 54 fitness centers, has achieved annual revenue goal of $3.1 million in personal training sales at his current health club. Matt has the experience needed to rollout a successful individual personal training and weight-loss center.


The Body Renew Fitness team is comprised of experts in all areas of your fitness franchise/licensed business.  You get the experienced experts necessary to help you get the fitness business of your dreams.  Whether it is leasing your space, choosing your equipment, developing marketing or expanding to new territories, Body Renew Fitness has a specialist just for you.

All of this experience comes to you with your Body Renew license. You do not need to try and recreate a successful system, you simply need to become a Body Renew licensee and let the system do the work for you.

In addition, all Body Renew licensees get to share their experience with each other to help all licensees continue to stay on the cutting edge of fitness and weight loss saving you the need and expense of doing your own trial and error methodology.

Body Renew Fitness is only successful when you the franchisee/licensee is successful.  We are in this together and you will feel the difference between us and the typical corporate business.  We have selected the best industry experts and financing, leasing, designing and more who are not employees but are at our disposal to ensure your success in the fitness industry.   And these experts primary mission is to get you to be successful!