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Body Renew strives to continue to be a the first consistent health and fitness delivery system whose success can be reproduced. The success of the Body Renew concept is already being achieved in our locations from Alaska to Virginia. Each location has a separate owner/operator who chooses how to best maximize their locations success based on the communities that they serve.


  • Body Renew Holdings Inc. – Owns the brand and the systems
  • Body Renew locations – individuals want to repeat the success associated with Body Renew Fitness so they purchase a license and become an owner. Licensees pay for the brand and toos provided by Body Renew Holdings Inc.
  • Body Renew In-house – Body Renew locations operating as outsourced fitness training for established fitness clubs. These are owned by Body Renew Holdings Inc or Licensees.
  1. Body Renew members first choice is 24 hour access to our facilities a competitive rate appropriate for each locations needs.
  2. Our customers use the Solutions program, through, for nutrition tracking, measurement history and all appointment scheduling.
  3. Our customers can add additional 1/2-hour sessions of personal training or Fitness Boot Camps in our private studios. This is for the client that needs to learn how to exercise or wants to be pushed harder then they can on his or her own.
  4. Body Renew also offers a full line of Branded supplements with direct shipping to our client¹s door which are recommended based on our clients specific dietary needs.
  5. Finally, one of the most important core values of Body Renew is that we are using science to teach a lifestyle. The goal of this lifestyle is that it radiates to others around our clients including their family, co-workers, and friends.


Benefit to User: Body Renew gives our client’s a better quality of life by providing them with the knowledge to make better health and fitness decisions. Doing so not only by showing clients what to do to be healthy, but teaching them how to do it.

Comparison to Competition: Compared to our competition we stand alone as the sole provider of a complete health and fitness product because of our unique offering. We design programs that teach people how to eat, how to stretch, how to move, balance, and make all necessary lifestyle adjustments to make a healthier and happier person. No one else offers this total package.

Trademark: All systems and intellectual property that we have, or will develop shall be trademarked or copyrighted.

Industry Standards: The Body Renew business model does not adhere to the industry standards in many ways. Industry standards run with high overhead and overselling product. Body Renew focuses on the lowest operating cost, while attempting to achieve 100% usage from our clientele. This makes us unique because we are truly focused on our member’s results and will grow our business based on those referrals for excellence of service.

Ease: The ease of use of our service is part of what makes our product so durable. The IT involved does the majority of the business development for you, while the remaining necessities are mapped out for the operator in the licensee handbook.

IT: The IT necessary for successful business operation is all in pre-boxed form including but not limited to, desktop goal calculator, Body Bug, Quick Books, Excel spreadsheets and Word. All users will be able to manage these simple programs.

Pricing: Prices are based on national averages of similar programs. Also included is the pricing for Personal Training. Again, what makes this program so successful and unique is that it has both ‘Paid in Full’ and “monthly EFT’ options, so that almost anyone can afford to get involved.


Body Renew’s service quality and product have been tested on the market. To run an active facility today, a licensee could just step into the existing Body Renew structure to become highly successful.

Body Renew is highly adaptable to change as the market, industry and technology indicate. Our rapid adaptation is crucial in order to meet the needs of our current and future clients. As competitors fall behind and adapt to mimic our program, and its success, Body Renew will continue to be cutting new paths, and shaping the fitness industry, way ahead of the competition.


According to health industry data 66% of the U.S. population is overweight (15-50lbs extra), with 25% considered obese (50lbs + extra). It is clear the need for our service/product(s) is not the issue, but rather can the average person afford a Body Renew membership. With this in mind, Body Renew has done extensive research and market analysis in order to differentiate ourselves in several ways;

  • A – We offer the Body Renew Solutions program. If you follow the program and do not lose 2% body fat per month the Solutions portion of your program may be refunded!
  • B – EFT payment option. This lowers the barrier of entry for our potential clients, making it easy for almost all income levels to get involved with our programs.
  • C – All potential clients get a free assessment by a certified ‘Nutrition and Exercise Consultant.’ This professional is skilled in educating the prospective client in their areas of need and helping them assess their personal financial situation, so as to avoid over-extending them.

The greatest asset Body Renew has is that our client’s progress is measurable. By recording milestones, weight and goals, this helps to keep their interest and also assists us to adapt as necessary to possible plateaus, and change or improve the fitness plan as quickly as possible.

The duration of the Body Renew program is another benefit. We can accurately estimate how long it should take our clientele to achieve the goals we outline. This being the case, we can build programs based on measurable timelines that are reasonable for the client. Long-term goals should be in small steps and Body Renew uses this approach.

Our business model is one that embraces a low overhead approach. It is a safe assumption that owners of Body Renew facilities can realize profit by month four or five of operation, something that is rarely heard of in our industry.

Body Renew has already organized the process of opening additional stores into an easy and quick step-by-step system. All that is left is deciding the locations of the new facility and the ability to generate qualified new member leads.


We are so confident that you will love our program that we want to offer it to you for FREE!


July 2024
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