Big Club Option

Have you been shopping around fitness Franchises, maybe just stealing ideas? 

No worries, steal away.  This is our chance to earn your business, save you money and get you into the business that you want for less then our competitors, for less then you can do it on your own, and with proven successful systems that will drive more members and clients to you!  Interested?  Then read on and learn what you need, OR cut to the chase and quick our link to contact us now and start down the path to ownership!

If you have been in the fitness business for a while, maybe even owned you own facility, and seen some success working for someone else then ‘why shouldn’t you start to maximize your abilities and keep all of the profits?’  You can make this step quite easily with our help!

A Bigger Gym and Fitness Studio is a great entry into fitness ownership! 

While other franchises are charging $20,000+ for their franchise fee plus $350,000 plus in equipment and require you to have $700,000 in assets we have boiled fitness training studios down to what it actually takes for your clients to get in shape.  Our model gives you the IDEAL opportunity to be your own boss because we have pre-negotiated all of your equipment and gotten you deep discounts.  In theory, you are able to take advantage of our Brands buying power for your personal gain.  Just in equipment you should save more money then you licensing fee!  Then stack on top of that our expertise at marketing, sales, Boot Camps, Small Group Training and Personal Training and POW, you have the dominant winning combination!

Grow with us and save.  Once you are absolutely dominating your competition why not grow?  We offer the best opportunity for you to grow by offering large territory sizes for minimal investments.  We have even sold entire states for small fixed rates to our top performers!  Why would we do this you may ask, loyalty!  You don’t deserve to be punished for success, but rewarded.  You are our best marketing and our customer.

We are the best option available and would like to prove it to you!




  • Have you ever though about what it takes to open your own gym?  Be your own boss?  Think for 1 second, what has stopped you?…
  • Are you worried about making critical errors that can cost you thousands of dollars?  Fear of the unknown…
  • Would you take that natural next step in your carreer if you had help answering all of your questions, if you could afford it and if you knew that you had all of the most up to date tools and skills at your finger tips?  What if you had the best in the business at your beckon call?  Interesting, right…
  • Do you have the courage to be on your own?  Would you really like to get 100% of the income and 100% of the headaches…
  • Is it worth a few minutes of your time to find out if we can help?  We think that it is at least worth a conversation…

 How we do it

  • First, you MUST contact us.  We will not find you so take a few seconds of your life and fill out the inquiry form
  • We will contact you and learn what you are interested in. (we will not harrass you, that is not our deal, either you like what we offer or you don’t)
  • If you are interested in learning more then we will do some market reseach on your area and give you our opinion on its viability. (if we don’t feel that your market is viable for our options we may point you in another direction or opt out, no hard feeling but we work extremely hard to be successful)
  • If we agree that you have a strong market for our product then you submit our Licensee application
  • Once approved and agreement is signed we hold your hand through the entire process, help you find a location, negotiate your lease, order your equipment, get you uniforms and paper media, hire staff, make local business connections and more.  You have options and it is essential for your bottom line that you choose the best option for you!
  • Training!  After this point it is time to get organized.  Our system is best of breed for helping you get your business to run smoothly.  We will train you to use our system to reproduce results for your members and results for your pocket.
  • Next we help you launch you business, with presale, marketing, staffing, selling, ect.  With either of our gym models we provide onsite operations assistance for up to 90 days to help ensure your success.  NO ONE ELSE OFFERS THIS!
  • Finally, we help you run your business.  We organize marketing materials, web dominance, performance improvement calls, newsletters, pre-written email scripts and whatever realistic help you can imagine.  It is our job to give you the help that you need to be successful!

What to expect financially

  • Upfront Licensing Fee – $7,000 (can be broken up depending on the situation)
  • Monthly Licensing Fee – $1,000 (equal to 1 good client!) plus 5% of gross revenue.
  • Equipment – Usually less then $150,000 and is financiable through our financing partner (generally 20% down payment), you have freedom here to move up or down based on your local and needs (compare that around!)
  • Signage – Really depends on your location, can range from $150 for a HUGE banner to several thousand for a beautiful back-lit sign
  • Branding – Around $3,000. Initial run of fliers, contracts, uniforms and other branding and physical media.

That is essentially all of your fixed costs for less then $40,000 out of your pocket.  There are ALWAYS other small expenses, but they add up so you should also factor in $20,000-$30,000 in other costs and have several months operating expenses available just in case.  You do not want to start a business and be stressed out from day 1!

If you have read to here then it is time to take the first step! Inquire for more information.

Tip #1 – Don’t do alone!

Any gym that is over 5,000 square feet is a real revenue generating business, and any business that can produce those kinds of revenues requires a real staff.  We have had gyms of 5,800 square feet exceed a million dollars in gross annual revenue.  So plan to bring in great staff and surround yourself with driven individuals who will help you meet your potential.  Giving up a few percent on expense in the beginning to maximize your income later is a great investment with the right plan!