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If you have tried to lose weight before you can most likely attest to the FACT that weight loss can be hard.  But why is it so hard, because at its core it is an easy concept right?  You need to burn more calories than you eat and you will lose weight.  Right now I will teach you the facts behind the difficult issue of weight loss in the hopes that if you understand them then MAYBE you can take control of a few of them and take control of your weight.  If you are not ready to hear (read) some hard truths and not be insulted then DO NOT READ MORE, because this is the whole truth without consideration for how it will make you feel.

  1. Society does not want you to be skinny.  Your friends don’t want you to be skinny.  Your spouse does not want you to be skinny.  Your co-workers do not want you to be skinny.  There are really only a few people in the world that want you to be skinny!  Those include your parents, your kids and yourself.  This small group of people care more about you than you do!  I KNOW THAT THIS SOUNDS HARSH!  Sadly it is almost always true.  Most people are very self centered and caddy.  Most people feel worse about themselves when you are around because your success makes their failures stand out, so rather than change themselves, or appreciate your success, they will try to talk you out of your success.  I bet it has even happened to you, and if you are really honest with yourself I bet that you have even done it.  Have you ever said to someone trying to lose weight, “You don’t need to lose anymore weight.”?
  2. Your job does not want you to be skinny.  I don’t literally mean your job, I mean the environment at your job.  Lunch meetings, donuts, holiday treats on desks, crappy food in the vending machine ect.  Do you know the hardest part of getting my clients to change is when they are at work because of the social pressure that they are under to fit in with the other workers!?!
  3. Your Lifestyle does not want you to be skinny.  You have a lifestyle based on what works easily.  You eat foods that fit well, you exercise in a way that works easily, you sleep when it fits!  Your lifestyle has to change for you to get permanent change.
  4. You don’t work smart enough.  You need to get the information that you lack.  It is time to study fitness.  You need to become a student and learn what you lack.  You cannot expect to thrive at anything that you are not excellent at, fitness is the same.  You would not expect to be the best employee without knowing everything that you needed to know at work, you wouldn’t expect to be the best coach without thoroughly understanding the sport, and you cannot have great weight loss without truly understanding how your body works.
  5. You don’t want to lose weight.  No way, right?  You really want to lose weight!  NOPE, what you do is WISH that you would lose weight.  Wishing for something is how we establish action, while wanting something is the action that we take.  For example I wish that I would lose 10 pounds, I want that plate of Nachos and I am actually going to go through the steps to make them and eat them.  Can you see the difference?  A goal without proper actions is just a wish.
  6. You have improper triggers in your support system.  Life is a system of punishment and reward.  If you are an awesome employee, show up early, leave late and do great work then you deserve, and hopefully get, a raise.  If you are a half a** employee then you get fired!  If you are awesome at eating right and exercising properly then you lose weight.  If you are half a** at eating right and exercising then you gain weight.  You need to add additional extrinsic punishment and rewards to your life, like a cuss jar.  Every time that you miss a workout add $10 to a jar, every time that you don’t eat a perfect meal add $10 to a jar.  Then when you hit a goal weight you get to spend the money in the jar on a pre-established non-damaging reward like Skinny Pants or a bathing suit.  Not on eating out!

These are the hard facts that after 13 years in fitness, 20,000 training hours and over 2,000 clients that I have learned.  You can agree or disagree with them but there is truth in this that results cannot discredit.  This is important and tough to change, because when you start solving these issues then it is VERY likely that your whole life will change!


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