Body Renew Fitness locations are locally owned Fitness Franchises/Licenses. 

Each location will vary slightly depending on the specific area and owner BUT all are sure to meet the needs of the community! 

Are you considering opening your own fitness business? 

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We offer: 

  • Memberships:
    Products-Memberships All Body Renew Fitness locations are open 24 hours per day and offer memberships that are month-to-month or longer commitments.

    A facility membership gives you access to the facility and generally have a small start-up cost to cover the expense of enrolling you and you security card.

    Please call or visit the specific location that you are interested in to find out what that locations rates are.

  • Boot Camp:
    Products-BootcampBody Renew Fitness prides itself on the huge success of its indoor/outdoor boot camps.

    These group classes are a fee for service and offer a faster pace and incredibly varied exercise program designed specifically to help you get the most out of each and every workout.

    Ask your facility for a Free Trial and you will quickly see why this is such a successful program for us!

  • Personal Training:
    Products-PersonaltrainingBody Renew Fitness was founded as a Personal Training company so individual fitness programming is the ‘meat and potatoes’ of who we are.

    We pride ourselves on helping people get into great shape in the comfort of our clean and affordable facilities.

    All Body Renew Fitness locations offer individualized Nutrition Planning software to help you keep the success going even when you aren’t at the gym!

    Contact your facility to get a Free Trial and see how we are special!

  • Tanning:
    Products-TanningBody Renew Fitness wants to help you look and feel your best at all times.

    Whether you need to get a little Vitamin D during the winter or want to maximize your summer color you will be amazed at our affordable rates for top-notch tanning.

    From full tanning salons to a single bed, each of our locations is equipped to get your tan on!

    Just ask for a Free Trial and you can see for yourself!

  • Group Exercise:
    Products-GroupFrom Zumba to Spinning our larger facilities offer a full array of low to high impact programming.

    This is designed to keep the beginner moving and the expert sweating!

    Check out your facility to see what classes are available as well as the schedule.


  • Child Care:
    Products-childcareA clean and structured Child Care can be the last tool available to help YOU get in shape!

    While some locations are not large enough to offer a child care program, the locations that are do take pride in keeping your child safe and occupied with fun and healthy activities.