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Are you considering opening your own Gym or Personal Training business?

Are you considering getting help through a franchise or other source?  If yes then read on!
Let's be honest, you want to make money!
Fitness is an awesome way to make money because you get paid to help people feel great!

Body Renew Fitness has the single best system to make a marriage between the two ideas.

We will help you make money by creating the best offerings, the best marketing and the best local presence of any gym/fitness brand available. Why would you take a route that requires you to try and be an expert at everything?  With a Body Renew License our experts will be the experts for youa and let you focus on why you are getting into this business!  Amazingly, doing it this way will make you become more profitable faster because you get to take advantage of all of our savings while streamlining your whoe process to success. Grow with us!  We are the only fitness company out there that let's you upgrade your program.  Start as a Personal Training Studio and when you are ready you have the ability to upgrade to a more complete gym option.  With us you can grow, and grow and grow!

When you get a Body Renew Fitness license you get the entire Body Renew system along with professional support from Body Renew Holdings. There is very little that we are not experienced with or have not considered.

Body Renew is a proven model that gets our Members great results for an affordable rate and that translates into growth and profit for our owners.  Per square foot there are very few facilities nationwide that compete with the BR system.  This is your opportunity to own something that you love and make a healthy income for the effort.

Body Renew Fitness will be with you all of the way!


  • Come to you! We offer 90 days of onsite training to help you open your location and train you and/or your manager to be successful
  • Add you to the web site and drive traffic to your location at no cost to you
  • Give you a Body Renew Solutions account for your entire location
  • Help find the ideal location
  • Help you negotiate, on your lease, your equipment and all your tools


  • Premade marketing material at a discounted rate
  • Pre-negotiated discounts on your equipment package
  • Established protocols for every system within your club
  • Established branding, colors and look for your facility
  • Protected territory in a 5 mile radius around your location
  • Area development if you want more than a single location


  • Help you position yourself in the market place
  • Help you find talented staff
  • Help you make pricing and marketing decisions
  • Create a Pro Forma for your location based on all reasonable factors for your market


  • You must qualify to lease space to qualify with us financially
  • You must either have gym experience or have a manager with gym experience
  • You must understand the Body Renew difference because we are not just a gym


  • Your initial license fee is $3,000-$7,000 depending on which program you choose, which secures all above stated processes
  • For the initial 90 day consultancy we pay our own staff but we keep the processing fee on all memberships sold and 5% contract value on PT sold
  • Your monthly licensing fee is $300-$1,000 plus a small % depending in which program you choose, and is for a 60 month term
  • You make the ultimate decision on your other expenses but we can help you look at actual predicted expenses for your location
  • The expense of opening a Body Renew can range anywhere from $5,000 to $500,000 depending on the size and location of your facility and your ability or need for outside financing. We will help direct you to the decision that will work best for your situation and goal


  • Know what you are getting into. There are lots of options for opening a gym and we want to make sure that you understand what makes Body Renew special before you commit
  • Know what you want out of this. Based on the area that you want to be and the income that you are looking for we can help you decide what location will be best for you.
  • Know your market conditions. Although Body Renew has proven its ability to compete with anyone we recommend that you know who you will be competing with and whether that is what you want.
  • Know your budget. While we can help you predict your expenses, also know that there are always surprises when you open a new business. We will help you fit a location into your budget with the necessary wiggle room for your future success.
  • Know the brand. We have worked extremely hard at creating and maintaining our brand and image in the communities that we serve. If you are unwilling to adhere to our standards we likely are not the right choice.

We are so confident that you will love our program that we want to offer it to you for FREE!


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