10 Weight Loss tricks

BY: Matt Carter
POSTED August 21, 2023 IN

When it comes to losing weight and keeping it off forever you need to know that what you have actually done is made a lifestyle change.  Some lifestyle changes are dramatic and some are subtle, but all changes will impact your health, fitness, and weight in one direction or another.

Here is a list of simple tricks/tools/principles for you to live by to help you lose weight and keep it off forever!

  1. NEVER, EVER, EVER order a meal at fast food.  Just order the burger, or the chicken or the taco, but don’t add all of that other stuff.  Your burger is 600 calories already so there is no need for those fries and that soda.  When you order you are probably so hungry that you could eat it all but rest assured, after you eat that first big item, if you give your body 10 minutes to start digesting it will know that you have already eaten enough food and it will tell you that you are no longer hungry.  This is not permission to eat fast food all of the time…
  2. Keep healthy treats on hand.  There is no question that if you can skip the treats that you are better off, but sometimes you have to get something sweet or chocolate!  When those times arise it is good to have a healthier choice on hand.  Try keeping a tub of Cool Whip in the freezer.  Then when you have that craving you can scoop up some Cool Whip with and put some frozen berries on it and hopefully keep you from making a bigger mistake.
  3. Drink up.  No not alcohol you lush!  Water is your best friend because it helps you burn fat, sleep better, metabolize food better and feel full.  Drink a full glass before each meal and then another glass during your meal.  You will eat less, lose weight faster and keep it off easier.
  4. Eat all day.  NO not candy off of your co-workers desk.  Keep healthy snacks around yourself like fruits and veggies.  Snacking is a great way to boost the metabolism and we all do it out of boredom.  Keep the habit of snacking but bringing better choices.
  5. Mine sweep for calorie bombs. Losing weight is not about discipline or willpower, it’s about taking charge of your environment. So get rid of all that high-fat, high-calorie junk in your kitchen and replace it with healthful, lowfat fare.
  6. Savor your food.  Chewing your food does several things that can really impact your body fat.  Chew 13 times on every bite that you take.  You will help with digestion and find that your will feel less swollen after you eat, and also you will find that you will eat more slowly and feel full sooner because you are giving your stomach time to release the chemicals that tell your brain that you are full and that it is time to stop eating.
  7. Clean the freezer.  There are tons of good and healthy frozen dinner choices out there now days.  Empty out what you have, and don’t worry about wasting a few dollars, and stock your freezer with healthy choices that are easy to prepare.  This will keep you from making mistakes and make life easier on your.  Just because it is an easy choice does not mean that it is an unhealthy choice.
  8. Shopping lists.  This is an oldie but goodie.  Shopping lists will keep you from buying that crap that we buy when we are just browsing for food.  Unless you have a list do not go shopping.  Save some money and save some body fat at the same time!
  9. Keep “happy hour” at home. Spend a few hours at a bar on Friday night, and you could easily consume 3,000 calories in drinks (300 calories per mixed drink) and snacks (an order of nachos has 2,100 calories) and spend $30.  For a healthy happy hour at home that has just 750 calories (you’ll save 2,250 calories a week), stock up on sparkling water or wine and create a low fat feast. Chef Patrick O’Connell’s Charcoal-Grilled Salmon in a Mustard Crust (see next page) can be turned into hors d’oeuvres.

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